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OnePlus 5 Jelly Scrolling Effect: Confirmed

OnePlus 5 Jelly Scrolling Effect: Confirmed

I think a recall is in order on the OnePlus 5

What is Jelly Scrolling you ask? It's an effect caused by the inversion of the display in certain phones - right now the OnePlus 5 and the Moto Force Z2, that makes the elements in the page become larger and smaller while scrolling (like a jelly). It is now always noticeable, but it's most prominent with images, not so much with text. Some users might never see it. It depends of your perception. Also check out my review of the OnePlus 5 and why I will be returning it.

How has it come to this? In order to save interior space and make the phone thinner, OnePlus have mounted the display inverted, so that the connector pins are at the bottom and not the top how they are designed to be. The top of the OnePlus 5 is pretty crowded with the addition of the dual camera and probably the engineers tough it would be a good idea to mount the display up-side down and change it's settings from the software to display correctly - 180 degrees switch. Unfortunately, because of V-SYNC issue and the fact that now the display is refreshed from the bottom to the top as opposed to its designed way from top to bottom, jelly scrolling is present.

The issue was also confirmed on the famous XDA Developers website, they have a whole article about this.

One Plus have also responded to this issue by issuing a controversial statement:

"The OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, including the AMOLED display. We've received feedback from a small number of users saying that at times they notice a subtle visual effect when scrolling. This is natural and there's no variance in screens between devices."

This is basically not acknowledging fault for the Jelly Scrolling on the OnePlus 5 and since this is a hardware issue, no updates will be able to solve it. Users can return the phone after 15 days, as per the company policy tough. This is what I will be doing of course and I suggest you do it too, just to be safe, you can never know how an issue like this can affect your vision long term.

Proof that the display is mounted upside down:

OnePlus 5 display mounted upside down


And the subsequent software change to make the display right again, found in the kernel:

Source: XDA

You can try this effect on any phone, just hold it upside down and scroll. i can confirm it is visible on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when held upside down.

OnePlus 5 Review - Dissapointed trBBZkQFUK2405 2017-08-28T17:33:19Z Cocsie

OnePlus 5 Review - Dissapointed

OnePlus 5 Review - Dissapointed

Score: 6/10

Why my brand new OnePlus 5 will be returning back to China where it belongs

I was hyped. I heard about this phone from friends that had the very good OnePlus 3T. As a side note, OnePlus skipped the 4 and went straight to 5. My OnePlus 5 arrived in less than 3 days after placing my order and I immediately started to play with it. Check out my unboxing of the OnePlus 5.

First, some specs:

  • 8GB RAM (or 6GB, but for 50 Euros extra, why would you)
  • 128GB Memory (or 64GB, but same as above)
  • Snapdragon 835 processor - the fastest one on the market right now
  • No memory card
  • Amoled display - we'll get to that
  • Back Camera: Dual 16 MP, f/1.7, 24mm, EIS (gyro) + 20 MP, f/2.6, 36mm
  • Front Selfie Camera: 16 MP, f/2.0, 20mm, EIS
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Front mounted fingerprint sensor (where it should be)
  • Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery
  • Android 7.1.1
  • Dual Sim (Nano Sim)
  • Gorilla Glass 5
  • USB type C

I also got a Dash Charger with a 150cm cable.

OnePlus 5 Dash Charger and cable

The Car Dash Charger for the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Dash Car Charger

The tempered screen glass protector.

OnePlus 5 Tempered Screen Glass Protector

The OnePlus 5 headphones, the Bullets V2 (the second iteration of the bullets headphones)

OnePlus Bullets V2

And the OnePlus 5 Sandstone Cover witch is really abrasive and nice, it makes holding the phone a joy, without worries that it will slip from your hands.

OnePlus 5 Sandstone Cover Back

OnePlus 5 Sandstone Protective Case Front

Now let's start with the good stuff, as it's a shorter list unfortunately.


Super fast! I mean it's by far the fastest phone I had in my hand, and I got to test the Samsung Note 8. It's 8Gb of RAM means that all apps open from memory. I had dozens of apps open, and when I switch them, the response is instant.

Fingerprint sensor is out of this world. It's lightening fast and recognizes your fingerprints no matter the position of your finger and you can add a lot of them. It's way way faster than my previous Galaxy S7 Edge. The difference is enormous.The camera app opens really fast and you can set the home button to double tap to take a photo, it has never failed me. The latest update brought EIS to the 4k video recording. Thing is, when you shoot, the video looks shaky on the viewfinder, but the end result is stabilized which is somewhat award as you don't know if the video is usable until you get to see it.

So yeah, mainly speed. It's the fastest phone out there bar none. It helps that is has a very basic version of Android, the Oxygen OS which receives timely updates from OnePlus.

Charging. OnePlus uses their proprietary charging method - Dash Charging - using a 4 Amps charger (that is bigger than normal chargers both in terms of size and power - a normal one is about 2 Amps) and charges two parts of the battery simultaneously. That results in a faster charging time and prevents overheating of the phone. It works and it's quite fast.

Alert Slider. As with the iPhone, the OnePlus 5 has a 3 position alert slider. At the top is the silent mode, followed by the do not disturb mode and the normal, ring mode. The do not disturb mode is highly configurable with individual settings for reminders, events, contacts who can reach you or notification lights mode.

Now starts the bad stuff, brace yourself. CONS:

Camera. While the camera has plenty of megapixels, we know thats not what matters, what matters is the sensor size, quality and the image stabilization. OnePlus 5 uses the EIS image stabilization as in Electronic Image Stabilization. EIS is a software based solution. It basically cuts the frame at the corners to crop the footage. This means you will lose some pixel information, around 10%, depending on the severity of you movements, and the amount of crop the software has to do to keep the footage steady.

Other flagships use OIS - Optical Image stabilization. OIS is mechanical based using a prism and gyros to correct the image coming to the sensors, this makes for a much improved experience. The OIS tough does add bulk to the camera, and in 2017, unless a phone is thin enough to cut yourself with it, it will just not cut it - pun intended. OIS is also more expensive, as it's hardware based.

How's the EIS on the OnePlus 5? Bad, really bad. Pictures are shaky, and it raises the camera's ISO settings in the process of stabilizing the image. It's a mess. Photos turn out really grainy, that is when they're not blurred (50/50 chance). It's like a phone from three years ago.

The main camera is bad, but the telephotolens one is worse. The colors are really faded. Having two cameras does make for some interesting effects, as the OnePlus 5 promises 2X loseless zoom (not optical) and the most sought after Bokeh Effect (blurring of the background in portraits). Judge for yourself from the samples below.

Normal Photo:

OnePlus 5 Photo Sample

2X Loseless Zoom:

OnePlus 5 Photo Sample

Normal Photo:

OnePlus 5 Photo Sample

Telephoto lens:

OnePlus 5 Photo Sample

No Bookeh:

OnePlus 5 Bookeh

Bokeh Effect on the OnePlus 5:

Bokeh effect on the OnePlus 5

Maximum Zoom (8X) - keep in mind that this was a sunny perfect day for shooting.

OnePlus 5 Photo Sample

Night Time Photo - quality is very very bad. I tried this shot several times in the hope that I was doing something wrong.

OnePlus 5 Night Photo Sample

Daytime Selfie - pretty decent

OnePlus 5 Selfie Camera Photo Sample

Also, if you take a nigh time selfie, and the phone detects a low light condition, it will make a white screen flash just before the selfie camera takes the photo. It helps. I was in almost total darkness here.

OnePlus 5 Night Time Selfie Sample

4K EIS Video Sample:

Software bugs? Galore.

  • Notifications from the likes of Facebook Messenger or Whats App sometimes do not appear on the lockscreen, but after you unlock the phone you can see the head bubbles with unread messages. This can make you miss important notifications from friends. You do not want that.
  • Parts of the Oxigen OS not directly based on Andoid but written by Chineese software engineers lack a good translation to English, grammar mistakes are common. The OS feels unpolished at best.
  • When using the phone, if a call rings in, the answer call is awkwardly located on the right side, very unintuitive. On the lock screen you also have to pull down to answer and push up to reject a call. No swiping left or right on this One.
  • When you click a contact it immediately calls it. Sometimes you just want to browse the contacts list and it's a drag.
  • Capacitive keys light is not very visible, it's more like a small dot visible only in low light conditions. Although you can change the function of the buttons which is nice, switching the taks manager and back buttons.
  • Bluetooth does not always connect to my car on the first try when I want to play music from YouTube. First I have to call a random number and only after that, the media connection works.
  • I tried connecting the phone to my Windows 10 laptop via USB with the provided Dash Charger cable to download photos and videos. The computer does not see it as a removable media type, instead it prompts me to install some drivers. Still does not work even after installation. I ended up uploading the files to Google Drive.
  • No waterproofing, but the company says that it can survive accidental water spills.

Now the fun part: The display. It's a 1080p AMOLED Display. Kind of last year's techonology, motst other Android flagships have qHD displays. But the main problem with it is the JELLY SCROLLING. I dedicated a whole different article to this huge problem, and it's the main reason I will be returning my phone. Check out here the Jelly Scrolling Effect on the OnePlus 5.

Cocsie's Score: 6 / out of 10

OnePlus 5 Unboxing and Accesories y3MRRp5N572405 2017-08-28T16:53:25Z Cocsie

OnePlus 5 Unboxing and Accesories

OnePlus 5 Unboxing and Accesories

What's in the box of one of the most anticipated phones of the year

The OnePlus 5 is the latest offering form the Chinese company OnePlus. They built a reputation selling "flagship killers" - that is premium spec phones with less then premium price tags. Even tough the prices have risen dramatically since the first iteration of the OnePlus, the specs on offer are up to par with the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC.

In the video, we will unbox the OnePlus 5 and find out what's in the box.

I paid 653 Euro for my phone and all accessories including a 50 Euro discount. Get one here on Reddit. Shipping was also 1 Euros in the European Union. I opted for priority shipping. Normal shipping is free on orders higher than 100 Euros.

OnePlus 5 Slate Gray 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage was 559, 00 Euro

OnePlus 5 Ready For Action Bundle - 62.96 Euro and included:

  • Dash Power Adapter EU
  • Dash Type-C Cable 150 cm
  • OnePlus Bullets (V2) Black
  • OnePlus 5 Protective Case Sandstone
  • OnePlus 5 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector Black

Dash Car Charger - 21.80 Euro

This was actually my second order, the first one I had to cancel. Why? Because I forgot to add the Car Dash Charger, and the customer service people simply could not add it to my order, even though I contacted them in less than 1 minute after placing the order. They instructed me to make a separate order and pay another 20 Euros shipping - for a 20 Euros car charger. I then asked for a discount coupon or some other method to alleviate me paying another shipping fee. They could not do it. I was very disappointed with their level of customer service. Fortunately the refund trough PayPal was instant, don't know if it's the same if paying with a credit card.

For more photos and infos check out my OnePlus 5 review.

Facebook Instant Articles - Practical Guide for Implementation and Monetization psnRtX3c3B2405 2017-05-08T16:12:30Z Cocsie

Facebook Instant Articles - Practical Guide for Implementation and Monetization

Facebook Instant Articles - Practical Guide for Implementation and Monetization

Instant Articles are a great new way to show content to your users.

Web load times are dreadfull. This has become an issue especially on the mobile web where people leave a page if it take over a few seconds to load. That's a fact.

Both Google and Facebook have started to address this issue by implementing their own flavor of a faster mobile web. Google version is called AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Facebook's version is called Instant Articles.

This is how Instant Articles look like in your Facebook News feed:

Instant Articles in News Feed

Note that the Instant Article version of a page is currently only available via the Facebook App on Android ar iOS and not by using the mobile web version of Facebook. They are also not available on the desktop version.

What do you need to publish to Facebook's Instant Articles?

If you do this right, in your page Publishing Tools you should see a new section called Instant Articles, like in the figure below:

Facebook Instant Articles

What next?

Facebook suggests the following steps, and we will break them down in sequence, one after the other:

Add Your Team: Give your design and development team a role on this page so they can access these tools. They just mean, add more admins or editors to the page, you don't need to do this if it is you that will manage the implementation.

Get the Pages Manager App: Preview your articles and styles on iOS or Android. This here is an essential step. Only with the help of the Facebook Pages application will you be able to preview your Instant Articles and make the necessary changes before you submit them for review.

Connect Your Site: Authorize your site to begin importing Instant Articles. To do this go to the Tools section below, copy the meta tag with your page id in it and paste it in the < head > section of you page. It should look like this: < meta property="fb:pages" content="435786056756236" />. Here, in this example, 435786056756236, is the id of my Facebook Page. If you're on Wordpress, and you use a plugin for Instant Articles, you can just copy the id, without the meta tag, to the plugin's pages section.

Create Style Templates: Customize the look and feel of your articles with the Style Editor. You have to create a create a custom style and name it whatever - but remember the name because you will need it later. If you don't feel like messing around with it you can leave the styles as the default ones are, but you have to change your logo. You need a transparent PNG at least 690 pixels in width and 132 pixels in height.

How to create Instant Articles?

Create Articles: Format articles and import them to Facebook with API, RSS or CMS plugin. You will need a minimum of 5 articles formatted for Instant Articles to start. When Instant Articles first launched you needed 50, they cut that to 10 and now it's 5. Maybe publishers were not very eager to sign up and needed enticing.

You have several options here to feed Facebook your Instant goodies:

API. The advantage here is that, with good implementation, you will be able to edit / publish Instant Articles in real time.

RSS feed. It's the simplest option if you have a pre build website or one that runs none of the usual CMS. Here is my Instant Articles Feed. Build by myself. The only problem with this is that Facebook takes a little time to update it, but does so usually once every few minutes, but don't expect it to be in real time. Also, if you delete an article on your website, because it doesn't push updates, you will have to manually delete the article from the Instant Articles Production section, or it will linger around on Facebook servers for people to read until eternity.

CMS Plugins. Most CMS developers have created an Instant Articles plugin for you to use. The main disadvantage here is that you will be at their mercy each time Facebook pushes a new update or makes changes to the format. That is a thing you should consider wisely, as in my experience with Facebook it happens a lot. That is why I choose the build my own RSS Feed version.

How to pass the review Process in Instant Articles:

  1. Create a development feed to test your articles. Check the out in the Facebook Pages App and make sure they look right. Only after you're satisfied wth the results and don't see any errors or yellow triangles should you create a production feed and submit your feed for review.
  2. Update the style name you created previously (where you uploaded your logo) in the API, RSS, etc. so Instant Articles will use that style, with your logo on it.
  3. Make sure you have good quality original text, and original photos for your article.
  4. I was once disapproved for my Instant Article for not matching exactly with my web version. This means that any content in Instant Articles has to be on par with the body of the article, no more, no less and applies for: text, headings, photos, author, author bio, not the comments and other widgets you might have.
  5. Do not leave empty < p > < / p > tags or empty tags in general - reason for failure.
  6. Do not put play buttons over your photos click bait style, like you're faking a video to incite people to click on your photos - reason for failure.
  7. Do not add a lot of ad placements, just one every 250 words or more or Facebook will automatically cut it out. (this was previously every 350 words, but money talks)


Explore Audience Network: Monetize your articles with Facebook's Audience Network. You can monetize Instant Articles in two ways. Either you run your own ads. A lot of ad networks are supported, as is Google's Double Click for Publishers, or you run Facebook's Audience Network.

You probably aren't a big time publisher selling your own ad inventory, so like me and many others you probably use Facebook's Audience Networ, Adsense, or some other ad network. As far as I can tell, most ad network should be able to play nice with Instant Articles except Adsense unfortunately. The ads will probably work and generate impressions, but you will be serving them off Facebook's platform instead of your own and in an IFRAME which is totally against the Adsense Terms and Conditions. And it will get you banned fast. So remember, Adsense does not work with Facebook Instant Articles.

Fortunately there's a another very good option. Facebook's own Audience Network which we will explore next:

How to monetize Instant Articles with Audience Network:

  1. Check the box where it says "Monetize your Instant Articles with ads from Facebook's Audience Network" in your Configuration options and off you go. In my experience, developing for a few websites, I was almost always approved instantly - pun intended. Then it's smooth sailing from there on.
  2. Facebook automatically creates a new app accessible from Facebook Developers called "[yourpage] - Instant Articles".
  3. Go to the Placements tab of the Audience Network Section in your app settings and copy the Placement ID it auto generates in there in your RSS feed, API, or plugin. (see image below)
  4. Create a new company in the Payout Section, link it to your application and update the tax forms. If you don't do this and accumulate more than 100$, Facebook will stop ad delivery until you update it. Trust me it will, it happened to me.
  5. Go to filter and turn on or off ads in some sections. I don't know why you would do this, but it might come in handy not to show ads from your competitors.
  6. You're all set. Facebook will create automatic placements for your ads in Instant Articles. You can manually choose the location yourself but from my experience, Facebook's own engine is better at selecting the best spots for the ads, and has always beaten me in terms of CPM and total revenue.
  7. Payment will come depending on your preference trough PayPal or directly to your bank account.

Facebook Audience Network

As far as revenue goes, Facebook's Audience Network has been on par with Adsense for me. The TOS prohibits me from disclosing the exact sums, but I will say that these are the top two revenue generating sources for me, followed by, at a large gap unfortunately.

Do Instant Articles Work better that the regular Mobile web?

Well Facebook seems to think so, and in my opinion as developer of several high traffic web sites, Instant Articles have added a lot to the traffic and Facebook's Audience Network contribute to almost 80% of the revenue on said sites.

Facebook states that:

Instant Articles get 20% more clicks than mobile web articles on average.

People are 70% less likely to abandon an article while waiting for it to load.

And shares are up 30% on Instant Articles vs. the Mobile Web, which translates to more exposure on Facebook, more traffic to you site and ultimately more revenue.

Facebook Instant Articles Infographic

Source: Facebook

New Developments to Instant articles in 2017

Facebook has launched Call to Action Units for Instant Articles. You can enable and/or pause these units in the Publisher Tools section of your page. These call to action units consist of just two separate widgets.

First, a Email sign-up form where websites will get the email address you signed up to Facebook with if you want them to send you updates. Ths type of unit can be slightly personalized.

Facebook Instant Articles Call to Action Email Sign-up

And second, a Page Like form, where users can like your page. Pretty straightforward this one, a note though: it has to be the page that has the Instant Articles on it, you can not choose any other page.

Facebook Instant Articles Call to action Like Page

One side note for both Google AMP and FB's Instant Articles: since they cache your page to serve it extra quick, your server load will decrease substantially, so there are potential cost cutting benefits to implementing either method or both on top of the improved traffic metrics. Let me know how Instant Articles worked for you or if you had any problems implementing it.

Elon Musk asks the Internet for a name for His Boring Machine and the result is hilarious uHaldY3QdM2405 2017-05-06T20:31:52Z Cocsie

Elon Musk asks the Internet for a name for His Boring Machine and the result is hilarious

Elon Musk asks the Internet for a name for His Boring Machine and the result is hilarious

Don't go to Twitter for advice.

You probably heard Elon Musk wants to eliminate traffic and congestion by creating tunnels. Lots of tunnels. I think he is doing this idea just to because he can, not necessarily because it makes practical of financial sense, but hey, it's his money.

But now he go on Twitter asking the folk suggestion to what the Boring Machine should be called. Expect the Internet to be the Internet and deliver as promised. But still, the first suggestion was his: "Maybe Ultimate Boring Machine, the Second" - Why the second you ask, well it has more credibility apparently. Why not the Fourth? According to Elon, it's too presumptuous.

Well, the results are in:

  • Tunnel McTunnelFace - been done, Elon Said
  • Boring machine
  • The Arrakian
  • Big armadillo
  • You dig
  • Sonic
  • Boris
  • The Boring Future
  • Al Bore
  • El Chapo
  • TunnelGate 2.0
  • The Boring One.
  • 'Twitter Named You'
  • Intense Boredom
  • Notorious D.I.G.
  • Wormhole
  • tesla model t
  • The Underminer
  • JAWS
  • HoleIn-01

UPDATE: a new tweet has been released, maybe Snoop Dug will be the winner, who knows?

Elon Musk asks the Internet for a name for His Boring Machine and the result is hilarious

5 Reasons Why Mozart Hates this Wireless Speaker i2XdBMwdr82405 2017-05-06T19:58:45Z Cocsie

5 Reasons Why Mozart Hates this Wireless Speaker

5 Reasons Why Mozart Hates this Wireless Speaker

Score: 1/10

Spoiler: it gets drop tested to destruction

And what a gift this was. I got my shiny fancy new SBOX BT-160 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker as a gift and it looked like the perfect candidate for a drop test. But not before I had it play some classics just for the fun of it. Well, at least it went down in style. Mozart that is - with syphilis and in poverty. Can't say the same thing about this cheap wireless speaker though.

Check out the video for the full drop test, but first find out why Mozart would've hated it.

1. Mozart liked to play the piano

That is, he liked to press keys and buttons but the volume buttons on this joke of a wireless speaker don't work straight out of the box.

Sbox BT-160 Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Handsfree

2. Mozart wore a fancy wig

And that tells us he probably had some style. Can't say the same thing about the plastics on this cheap wireless speaker. It's like the underpaid Chinese worker that build it had a bad day. The edges ar so rough you can cut your hand by holding it, not to mention is feels as good to the touch as stepping on a sea urchin. I'm sorry for the poor sea urchin for being dragged into this mess.

3. Mozart made stuff that lasted a while

Look at his work, you still listen to it today. Maybe not you, but someone cultured definitely does. The SBOX BT-160 didn't survive an afternoon. More like an hour from start to drop.

Cheap Bluetooth wireless speaker

4. Mozart liked music

This wireless speaker hates music, why else would it sound so bad, just to spite us? I still think this is a wrong labeled voice changing machine.

5. Nobody attended his funeral

Share this article and make sure everybody witness the end of the SBOX BT-160, the greatest shame to technology a Chinese factory ever produced.

Super Bass Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker No Sound Problem

It's safe to assume that Mozart, had he heard his music play on a bluetooth wireless speaker like this would have left this planet even quicker then 35 as he did. The fact that he will travel through time just to eliminate the engineers behind this abomination is still a possibility. Maybe also finish his Requiem this time around.

Cocsie's Score: 1 / out of 10

The walk around all day camera - Canon EOS M10 Review and Unboxing (Video) qJ2eztw1qc2405 2017-05-04T18:46:42Z Cocsie

The walk around all day camera - Canon EOS M10 Review and Unboxing (Video)

The walk around all day camera - Canon EOS M10 Review and Unboxing (Video)

Score: 9/10

The perfect entry level mirrorless camera

When I started looking for a camera, my two conditions were simple: small and good picture quality. I needed a camera to carry around all day, not be bulky and at the same time be able to deliver great shots. The Canon EOS M10 is a mirrorless camera similar in size with a compact camera. I've even seen bigger compacts than this. I got the kit which consists of an EF mount lens with 45mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM also in the package in addition to the body, but no memory card tough.

Kit contains:

  • EOS M10 Camera Body
  • EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM
  • Battery Pack LP-E12
  • Battery Charger LC-E12
  • Neck Strap EM-200DB - black & red
  • Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
  • (SD Card and Solutions Disk Not Included)
  • Also no manual - Get the Canon EOS M10 Manual here


To start you'll need a SD memory card, I would recommend a high speed one, especially when shooting video. They're so cheap these days, a Class 10 32GB one will run you around 20$ tops.

Canon EOS M10 review


Canon says that the "the Cannon EOS M10 can be paired with a wide range of compact EF-M lenses specially designed for the EOS M series". Well that's about half right, "a wide range" is more like 5 lenses, but top notch quality all of them. I especially like the macro lens which is unique due to it's dual dual flash integrated at the front, so you can shoot that ladybug in the dimmest conditions. It's called the Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM for reference.

But not to worry that you'll be stuck with the EF-M lenses though, Canon provides an adapter so you can use you EF and EF-S mount lenses. That will add a bit of bulk to a nice looking camera, just so you know. Sold separately, as always.

Other specs?

  • 18 Megapixels:
  • SD memory card
  • can shoot in RAW
  • 49 points autofocus
  • Weight is approx. 10.6 oz. / 301g (Including body + battery pack + card)
  • Wireless capability with NFC for easy pairing
  • HDMI out, but it's the mini versions so you'll need an adapter to hook it up to your TV or monitor

Daily usage

Well, the focus point of this camera is usability. It has a multifunction touch screen that you can use to change all your settings. The screen tilts up so you can easily take a selfie or check your framing in the camera when you record a Youtube vlog. It has wireless built in. What that does is connect your camera to your phone to send pictures, use it as a remote shutter, or send the photos to your printer.

Imagine your in the park, took a great shot of your dog and want the whole of Facebook to see it. No wireless, no photo to upload until you get home. Wireless capability makes that simple, just use the NFC on your phone, touch it to the right of the camera, and boom - you're connected. Download that photo to your phone, and up it goes on Facebook. On the other hand, the remote shutter is somewhat useless. It has a whole lot of lag, and it's just not useable in real world scenarios. So when you move your camera, the phone will take a second or two to catch up, it's a really bad user experience.

Rain on me? Yes it can. I've gone taking pictures in the rain several times now, and it's fine. Still, bear in mind that there are no weather seals and the camera isn't rated as water proof, so your mileage may vary.

Nightime? Well, it has a build in flash that's pretty strong, but no place to mount you own, so you're stuck with what you get. Also there's no viewfinder on the camera. This may or may not interest you, depending on your personal preference. I never used it on any of my other cameras that have it and I am of the opinion that the digital screen is much better for framing shots, and also a better invention. It's like the stick shift and the automatic. You eyes will never be able to grasp all the corners of the shot if you use the viewfinder, the human eye field of vision is too narrow, that's science.

Canon EOS M10 Flash


My reviews are shot using this camera at 1080p - that's Full HD, that's the maximum resolution at 30 FPS. You can also go to 60 FPS but the resolution drops to 1280 x 720 (HD). The only weak point here is that the autofocus is sometimes slow to keep up. If you use it for product reviews or show things to the camera in your videos it will take it's sweet time focusing on that object which can be frustrating.

Since this is an entry-level camera you can't go cheaper in the mirrorless department, but you can always go more expensive. Canon's next offering at double the price is the Canon M3. What you get for your money? Still no view finder but a flash mount, the screen tilts up and down, more megapixels as in 24MP and an improved autofocus sensor. You know if it's worth it.

Canon EOS M10 Size


If you're new to photography like I was when I bought it, I can not recommend it more. I use it every other day, when I take a walk in the park, or just for the fun of it. The main difference to an entry DSLR camera is the weight and the small form factor. You will never fell like you "have to carry that camera around". It's just a joy to own.

Real shots of the Canon EOS M10

Picture quality is in the eyes of the beholder, so here are some of my shots. You can also check out my Instagram where all my posts are shot with this camera and all are unedited.

Cluj Napoca Biserica Sfantul Mihail

Cluj Arena Noaptea

Cluj - Napoca Parcul Central

Rome Colloseum View from the Palatine HIll

Cocsie's Score: 9 / out of 10

QUICK Tutorial - Create a short intro in Adobe Premiere Pio7Dr2P5e2405 2017-05-03T17:59:23Z Cocsie

QUICK Tutorial - Create a short intro in Adobe Premiere

QUICK Tutorial - Create a short intro in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Tutorial

Let me show you how to create a short intro for your YouTube clips in Adobe Premier in under three minutes.

In this tutorial we are going to make a simple animated title sequence for now where we're going to use some standard fonts that you already have available and a simple photo.

After adding the title and the photo, we are going to use the Effect Controls tab in Premiere to animate the intro, so it doesn't look very drab.

Do a Perfect CUT in Adobe Premiere and use the Razor Tool zvmbZEDaaU2405 2017-05-03T17:58:31Z Cocsie

Do a Perfect CUT in Adobe Premiere and use the Razor Tool

Do a Perfect CUT in Adobe Premiere and use the Razor Tool

Adobe Premiere Tutorial

In this short video, you will learn how to cut video like a pro and how to have you sequences match and align perfectly after cutting.

To do this we are going to use the Razor Tool in Adobe Premiere and the Snap option in the Sequence menu.

Also, I am going to show you how to separate video from audio, and how to cut just video or just audio from your sequence.

How to CROP your whole video in Adobe Premiere. 9FRPX5Id6K2405 2017-05-03T17:57:28Z Cocsie

How to CROP your whole video in Adobe Premiere.

How to CROP your whole video in Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere Tutorial

If the video you shot is slight to the left or right and you need to crop it to size, you can use the Adjustment Layer tool in Adobe Premiere to crop the whole video.

I will show you how you can save a badly shot video and make it fit to scale when you edit in Adobe Premiere.

Match and Scale 1080p and 4K videos in Adobe Premiere wRfFv4gAlX2405 2017-05-03T17:55:54Z Cocsie

Match and Scale 1080p and 4K videos in Adobe Premiere

Match and Scale 1080p and 4K videos in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Tutorial

If you have two or more different resolution videos in your sequence you will have to probably scale one or the other to match their resolution. You can do no matter their original resolution, be it 1080p, 720p or 4k videos.

In this video tutorial I will show you how to scale up or down this videos to have a nice continuity between them by using the Effects tab in Adobe Premiere.

Animation - Zoom In and Out of an Object in a Video (Adobe Premiere) ePDZ3NpOPo2405 2017-05-03T17:54:10Z Cocsie

Animation - Zoom In and Out of an Object in a Video (Adobe Premiere)

Animation - Zoom In and Out of an Object in a Video (Adobe Premiere)

Adobe Premiere Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to zoom in and out of an object or other focus point in a video with a simple transition animation. To do this, we are going to use the keyframe tool of the Adobe Premiere video editing suite.

Basically, we are going to add three separate keframes to the video, the middle one being the focal point of the animation, the first and the third being the intro and outro points.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G for Android Earphones Unboxing and Review lqbNbHpYTh2405 2017-05-03T16:35:46Z Cocsie

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G for Android Earphones Unboxing and Review

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G for Android Earphones Unboxing and Review

Score: 9/10

Earphones for the next generation

Sennheiser is trying hard to be cool in the last few years. After a long line-up of excellent but drab looking headphones, Sennheiser firmly steps into the 21th century design-wise.

First look is striking, these are some really good looking headphones. They are part of the Momentum series of Sennheiser's new line-up, a retro inspired look, which includes the Momentum On-Ear, the Momentum Over-Ear and the Momentum Wireless in addition to the ones we will be unboxing and reviewing here, the Momentum In-ear.

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear earphones review

What's with the G, apparently "G" stand for Android - maybe they thought Google, who knows? But that means the earphones have dedicated controls that work in the Android environment, that is you should be ok with most phones, even though Sennheiser somewhat stipulate Samsung on the package. As far as I have tested them, they also work on the LG G4.

You got them as a gfit and you have an Iphone? It's not that bad, the earphones will still work as advertised except the function buttons on the remote control. The buttons, volume up/down, and answer/end call work differently depending on the operating system that are used with, but music-wise they are compatible, so you can use them both with each other's OS and still retain the basic functionality. Iphone 7 users are out of luck though on this one as no jack means no wired earphones and no quality sound (for now at least). Thank Tim Cook for that.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Unboxing

Speaking about the cable, it's tangle free. This usually means instead of a round cable you get a flat one. It's nicer design wise, and even though it tangles a bit, it's a big improvement over any classic cable and a cool bragging point to your friends.

The headphones feel plasticky. There's no mistaking that, but on the other hand they do look good while wearing them due to the shiny metal bit sticking out at the end with the S for Sennheiser logo stamped into it. A cool feature is that the have three dots embossed on the left bud so you will know which one is left or right even in the dark (make a feature for blind people? - could be).

Sound quality: Great. They are really balanced sound wise and sound similar to monitor headphones. You won't get the overwhelming bass boost you get from Sony's MDR-XB70APB but something more supple and elegant. Sony's are half the price though. If you think about buying them to replace you standard smartphone earphones: go for it, the difference is huge and totally worth it. Volume is pretty decent, I'll gave it a 8/10, could be better, but we're still at the 100$ price range.

How fast will the break? Well, if it's the earbuds we're talking about, then about 2 days. I kid you not, I have lost 4 out of the 6 earbuds in the first two days of listening music while walking. The fit is loose at best, and even though the come with 3 different pairs, none of them fitted my ear like they were supposed to. So fortunately, my Sony MDR-70's earbud fit, and fit better then the original. Also, they look better being black rather than the semi-transparent silicone they come with. It's what I've been using for the last 6 months. So there you have it: 6 months, almost daily use, no faults whatsoever. In fact I am writing this review while listening to music with them.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear G for Android Headphones

This wouldn't be a full review without mentioning the carrying case. It's a work of art. A 3 inch by 3 inch black with red stitching textile pouch with a zipper for storing your headphones. The materials are top notch and it looks and feels elegant. Inside there's a plastic thingy for wrapping the cable around, but you won't need that.

Price? Around 100$ when I last checked.

Contents of the the box?

  • The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear earphones
  • Ear-adapter set (XS, S, M, L)
  • Premium carrying case

Some specs: Impedance: 18 Ω Frequency response (microphone) : 100 – 10, 000 Hz Frequency response (headphones): 15Hz - 22000Hz Sound pressure level (SPL) : 118 dB (1kHz/1Vrms) THD, total harmonic distortion less than 0.5 % (1 kHz, 100 dB SPL) Jack plug: 3.5 mm angled Cable length: 1.3 m Weight: 16 g Pick-up pattern: Omni-Directional Microphone sensitivity: - 44 dB V/Pa

Cocsie's Score: 9 / out of 10