When I started looking for a camera, my two conditions were simple: small and good picture quality. I needed a camera to carry around all day, not be bulky and at the same time be able to deliver great shots. The Canon EOS M10 is a mirrorless camera similar in size with a compact camera. I've even seen bigger compacts than this. I got the kit which consists of an EF mount lens with 45mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM also in the package in addition to the body, but no memory card tough.

Kit contains:


To start you'll need a SD memory card, I would recommend a high speed one, especially when shooting video. They're so cheap these days, a Class 10 32GB one will run you around 20$ tops.

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Canon EOS M10 review


Canon says that the "the Cannon EOS M10 can be paired with a wide range of compact EF-M lenses specially designed for the EOS M series". Well that's about half right, "a wide range" is more like 5 lenses, but top notch quality all of them. I especially like the macro lens which is unique due to it's dual dual flash integrated at the front, so you can shoot that ladybug in the dimmest conditions. It's called the Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM for reference.

But not to worry that you'll be stuck with the EF-M lenses though, Canon provides an adapter so you can use you EF and EF-S mount lenses. That will add a bit of bulk to a nice looking camera, just so you know. Sold separately, as always.

Other specs?

Daily usage

Well, the focus point of this camera is usability. It has a multifunction touch screen that you can use to change all your settings.  The screen tilts up so you can easily take a selfie or check your framing in the camera when you record a Youtube vlog. It has wireless built in. What that does is connect your camera to your phone to send pictures, use it as a remote shutter, or send the photos to your printer. 

Imagine your in the park, took a great shot of your dog and want the whole of Facebook to see it. No wireless, no photo to upload until you get home. Wireless capability makes that simple, just use the NFC on your phone, touch it to the right of the camera, and boom - you're connected. Download that photo to your phone, and up it goes on Facebook. On the other hand, the remote shutter is somewhat useless. It has a whole lot of lag, and it's just not useable in real world scenarios. So when you move your camera, the phone will take a second or two to catch up, it's a really bad user experience.

Rain on me? Yes it can. I've gone taking pictures in the rain several times now, and it's fine. Still, bear in mind that there are no weather seals and the camera isn't rated as water proof, so your mileage may vary.

Nightime? Well, it has a build in flash that's pretty strong, but no place to mount you own, so you're stuck with what you get. Also there's no viewfinder on the camera. This may or may not interest you, depending on your personal preference. I never used it on any of my other cameras that have it and I am of the opinion that the digital screen is much better for framing shots, and also a better invention. It's like the stick shift and the automatic. You eyes will never be able to grasp all the corners of the shot if you use the viewfinder, the human eye field of vision is too narrow, that's science.

Canon EOS M10 Flash


My reviews are shot using this camera at 1080p - that's Full HD, that's the maximum resolution at 30 FPS. You can also go to 60 FPS but the resolution drops to 1280 x 720 (HD). The only weak point here is that the autofocus is sometimes slow to keep up. If you use it for product reviews or show things to the camera in your videos it will take it's sweet time focusing on that object which can be frustrating.

Since this is an entry-level camera you can't go cheaper in the mirrorless department, but you can always go more expensive. Canon's next offering at double the price is the Canon M3. What you get for your money? Still no view finder but a flash mount, the screen tilts up and down, more megapixels as in 24MP and an improved autofocus sensor. You know if it's worth it.

Canon EOS M10 Size


If you're new to photography like I was when I bought it, I can not recommend it more. I use it every other day, when I take a walk in the park, or just for the fun of it. The main difference to an entry DSLR camera is the weight and the small form factor. You will never fell like you "have to carry that camera around". It's just a joy to own.

Real shots of the Canon EOS M10

Picture quality is in the eyes of the beholder, so here are some of my shots. You can also check out my Instagram where all my posts are shot with this camera and all are unedited.

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