The OnePlus 5 is the latest offering form the Chinese company OnePlus. They built a reputation selling "flagship killers" - that is premium spec phones with less then premium price tags. Even tough the prices have risen dramatically since the first iteration of the OnePlus, the specs on offer are up to par with the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC.

In the video, we will unbox the OnePlus 5 and find out what's in the box.

OnePlus 5 Jelly Scrolling Effect: Confirmed
I think a recall is in order on the OnePlus 5

I paid 653 Euro for my phone and all accessories including a 50 Euro discount. Get one here on Reddit. Shipping was also 1 Euros in the European Union. I opted for priority shipping. Normal shipping is free on orders higher than 100 Euros.

OnePlus 5 Slate Gray 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage was 559, 00 Euro

OnePlus 5 Ready For Action Bundle - 62.96 Euro and included:

Dash Car Charger - 21.80 Euro

This was actually my second order, the first one I had to cancel. Why? Because I forgot to add the Car Dash Charger, and the customer service people simply could not add it to my order, even though I contacted them in less than 1 minute after placing the order. They instructed me to make a separate order and pay another 20 Euros shipping - for a 20 Euros car charger. I then asked for a discount coupon or some other method to alleviate me paying another shipping fee. They could not do it. I was very disappointed with their level of customer service. Fortunately the refund trough PayPal was instant, don't know if it's the same if paying with a credit card. 

For more photos and infos check out my OnePlus 5 review.