You probably heard Elon Musk wants to eliminate traffic and congestion by creating tunnels. Lots of tunnels. I think he is doing this idea just to because he can, not necessarily because it makes practical of financial sense, but hey, it's his  money.

But now he go on Twitter asking the folk suggestion to what the Boring Machine should be called. Expect the Internet to be the Internet and deliver as promised. But still, the first suggestion was his: "Maybe Ultimate Boring Machine, the Second" - Why the second you ask, well it has more credibility apparently. Why not the Fourth? According to Elon, it's too presumptuous. 

OnePlus 5 Jelly Scrolling Effect: Confirmed
I think a recall is in order on the OnePlus 5



Well, the results are in:



UPDATE: a new tweet has been released, maybe Snoop Dug will be the winner, who knows?


Elon Musk asks the Internet for a name for His Boring Machine and the result is hilarious